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The Parkitect Modular Pumptrack is the result of many years of design experience in the bike structure and infrastructure field. Offered internationally to more than 35 distinctions worldwide. This knowhow, along with the input from pro riders, builders and designers worldwide, has resulted in a unique and modular structure that can be simultaneously enjoyed by all ages. They are safe and great fun to ride for all rider skill levels and are suitable for any size bicycle from: balance-bikes without pedals, to kids bikes and BMX, to full size mountain bikes. They are also great fun on “small wheel” sports equipment like: skateboards, inline skates and scooters.


Our structures are modular, flexible and moveable to suit any type of terrain and land usage issues. They can be made from various kinds of materials and colors to suit the needs of the client and match their surroundings. They can be installed permanently, semipermanently and even temporarily for special events. Manufacturing is 100% in house ensuring top quality materials and finish. Our team of experienced professionals hand cut and assemble all of the parts with care and attention to detail right here in Europe. All of our structures are certified by TUV to respect the unified EU norms for safety in children’s playgrounds: EN-1176-1:2009 and EN-1176-7:2009.

Build Quality


We start with the best quality, ecological, new materials:

  • woven glass fiber composite

  • top grade lumber

  • marine grade plywood with anti-slip surfaces

  • ecological resins and paints for insect and weatherproofing

  • top grade lumber

  • rust resistant torx-head screws with vandalism resistant features including our new city armour

  • sink anodized bolts and hardware

  • stainless steel connectors


We also offer Modular Concrete Pumptracks designed to be transported to site and offering long term sustainability. The risk of vandalism and maintenance as well as theft is virtually reduced to zero.



Finished modules are then shipped worldwide for

installation in:

  • public parks

  • urban areas

  • sport and recreation centers

  • bike resorts

  • trail networks

  • private bike parks

  • bike hotels

  • mountain sports centers

  • adventure freestyle parks










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